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Small Business Procurement Integrity Training

Kari has provided small business procurement integrity training to various federal agencies and government contractors over the years.  This covers the U.S. Small Business Administration's government contracting programs and associated fraud.  This training can be tailored to fit your needs in time and subject matter.

Fraud Training

Fraud training can be designed to fit your needs.  Any fraud topic can be covered.  As examples, training on bank and loan fraud, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, procurement fraud, and internal fraud.  We can tailor the training for any type of company or service, including accounting firms, law firms, and private investigators.

Sexual Assault Investigations - Victim Centered Engagement and Resiliency Tactics

Kari is serving as a Facilitator for this course which is offered by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center, Burien, WA.  As a facilitator, Kari assists detectives and police officers with their interviewing techniques during scenarios with live actors.  The focus is on interviewing traumatized individuals without causing further trauma.  It also focuses on assisting the interviewer and interviewee with resiliency techniques so they can better manage the trauma they've experienced.