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 As a Private Investigations Firm, we represent both victims and those who may have been accused of fraud.  With over 26 years of Federal law enforcement experience conducting white collar fraud investigations, internal employee investigations, conducting interviews, and recovering assets for lenders, government contractors and state, Federal and International Governments, Overson Investigative Group (OIG) has the expertise to handle all your interviewing and investigative  needs.  We have worked joint cases with the FBI, DCIS, Army CID, NCIS, GSA-OIG, Interior OIG, VA-OIG, Agriculture OIG,  and Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation.  


If you encounter fraud or are accused of fraud, we can offer you or your organization this level of expertise to resolve the issues quickly and effectively.  

Has something happened in your workplace such as assault, embezzlement or harassment? You may need interviews conducted right away to preserve witnesses' memories and to determine the next steps.  We can respond quickly and effectively.

Consulting and Trial/Litigation Support


Have fraud questions or need expert advice? Have questions about a competitor in an SBA program? We can help determine if fraud has occurred and what your options are.  If you need help fast, we specialize in advanced interviewing techniques and can get to heart of the issues quickly.  We can help you determine if you need legal help and can help reduce those costs.  

In addition to her experience as a federal agent, Kari is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and can handle many types of fraud examinations, reviews and compliance reviews.  Kari specializes in SBA programs, including SBA-guaranteed loans, disaster loans, surety bonds, and set-aside government contracts.  

We have experience working with whistleblowers and investigating cases brought by whistleblowers, including Qui Tams/False Claims Act cases.  If you suspect your organization may have some vulnerability to a whistleblower complaint, we can help evaluate the vulnerabilities and try to resolve complaints before False Claims Act cases are filed or have you better prepared once they are filed.

We also have specialized experience in trial and litigation support.  



 Do you suspect internal vulnerabilities that leave your organization open to fraud or lawsuits? We can help.  We offer training to companies, lenders and small businesses on how to prevent, detect and deter fraud.  Training can be created for your specific needs.  Examples include insider threats, fraud detection, government contracting, and financial statement fraud.  Over the years, we have trained many accountants, auditors, attorneys, lenders, government contractors, employees, college students and law enforcement.  We can tailor training to your needs. 

We can work with you, your accountant, lawyer, and/or human resources office to train key employees/managers and/or large divisions of your organization.  Past training participants include DCAA auditors, attorneys, SBA employees, Army Corps of Engineers employees, government contractors and other law enforcement officers.  We would love to come speak to your organization!

Kari is currently facilitating trauma-based sexual assault interviewing training for police officers at Washington State's Criminal Justice Training Center.  

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